What people are saying about iDouble Bass on the app store:

“This app totally rocks! Micah Howard is a seasoned professional with a wealth of teaching experience, and he lays out everything you need to know for double bass playing in a clear, step by step fashion. Highly recommended!” — bass blogger

“This app is a wonderful foundation for any new bass player or teacher to set a student down the right path. Helpful advice and clear, well thought out videos and exercises to help with all aspects of playing. Highly recommended!” — Brandon McLean

“This app is a must for all bass students, performers, teachers, school orchestra directors and musicians in general. The directions are detailed and clear and will help students to get a solid foundation. This app will help orchestra directors who do not play the bass get a more complete understanding of bass technique and fingerings which will improve the progress of their students. All advanced students, as well as professional musicians, bassists, string musicians and others, will benefit, for example, from the sections on tone production, practicing, auditioning, etc. I highly recommend this outstanding app.” — Themaelstromman

“This app is quite simply a wonderful resource for all things Double Bass. One of the best things about it is the support from within the app. If you can’t find what you need, it directs you to the website seamlessly. I’m not a double bassist (and I don’t play one on TV) but I am a professional musician and I’m very impressed.” — Ehorn H

“This app is an excellent resource for both teacher and student alike. Clear pictures and concise descriptions of a host of techniques and studies make for exceptional amount of content. Top-notch!” — JBass5

Finally there is a comprehensive double bass resource available for the iPhone! A great app from a great player!” — BrownNotes

“I’m very happy for your app, useful for my lessons with young students. I hope to see a translation in Italian soon, but anyway I appreciate it a lot. Thank you for your good job.” — contrabbubis